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About Sofdia Technologies

Hand holding to digital success

Sofdia Technologies have served more than 1000 clients in various ways during our journey that began with web and mobile app development, as well as digital marketing. Our Focus is on continues research, learning and develop new applications

At Sofdia, we are always prepared to go the extra mile to achieve our goals and ensure the success of our clients and application users.

Sofdia technologies

Empowering Through Technology

At our core, we envision a digital future where every aspect of human life is enhanced by seamless software experiences. Our company is committed to creating software solutions that bridge the gap between complex challenges and elegant solutions, ultimately propelling society toward a smarter and more connected world.

Sofdia technologies

Our Mission

At Sofdia Tech, our mission is to lead the charge in shaping a digital future that transcends boundaries and enriches lives. With an unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence, we craft software solutions that transform intricate challenges into elegant, user-centric experiences. By harnessing the power of cutting-edge technologies, we empower businesses and individuals to navigate the complexities of the modern world seamlessly. Guided by our passion for progress, we endeavor to bridge the gap between aspirations and achievements, fostering a society that thrives in its interconnectedness, intelligence, and limitless possibilities.


Projects Completed Last Year


happy customer worldwide

implement solutions & achieve goals.

Our History

Our Company History

We have developed the first website

Started doing seo services

Developed an agriculture portal karshika.com

We have moved our office to Info park TBC , Kaloor

Started research for innovation. Mobile appliction developement using flutter and Laravel.